Milliard Aufblasbare Couch/Luftsofa



PVC Vinyl.






167.64 x 73.66 x 93.98 cm, 6.29 Kilogramm


6.29 kg

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  • TRAGBARER KOMFORT – Bringen Sie bequem überall mit dem aufblasbaren Sofa von Milliard – es ist super bequem und super einfach überall hin mitzunehmen – egal ob zum Campingplatz, Strand oder direkt in Ihr Zuhause.
  • Bonus-Tragetasche – einfach Luft ablassen und Ihr Luftsofa in die kompakte Tragetasche packen, die Ihr Sofa schützt und es Ihnen ermöglicht, es zu verstauen oder überall hin mitzunehmen.
  • Extra stabil – Hergestellt aus einem dicken, hochwertigen Vinyl, bietet die aufblasbare Couch von Milliard die richtige Unterstützung und die zusätzliche Stabilität wird sicherstellen, dass sie Sie jahrelang hält.
  • Bonus-Features – jedes Sofa hat zwei Getränkehalter für Sie zum Abstellen Ihrer Getränke und wird mit einer Packung Vinyl-Reparaturflicken geliefert.
  • ECHTER SERVICE – Wenn Sie Milliard kaufen, können Sie sich entspannen, wenn Sie wissen, dass Sie ein engagiertes Team von echten Menschen haben, um Sie zu bedienen. Wir unterstützen alle unsere Produkte und sind bereit, Ihnen bei Fragen oder Bedenken zu helfen.




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5 reviews for Milliard Aufblasbare Couch/Luftsofa

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  1. jaclyn

    I don’t like how the couch sort of slants forward. I fixed it by using a few pillows to prop it up in front. That being said, I ordered this couch as a solution for not having a sofa due to delayed delivery/Covid. It would be about 3 months for my real furniture to arrive and I needed a cheap/quick fix. This couch has been great. I covered it with a soft blanket and it’s quiet cozy. My 50lb dog enjoys it as well, so it’s pretty durable.

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  2. Ms. Cory

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I used the inflatable sofa for an outside Movie Night. I can’t wait to use it on the beach.Boohoo, COVID Pandemic. I love that it’s portable and has a carrying bag. It was quick and easy to blow up with my electric air pump. It was a Great purchase for me!

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  3. Amazon Customer

    They both are useless they have broken seams. Wasted money!

    I ordered two of these for an outdoor movie night i was planning to have. But we liked them so much we currently have them in the kids playroom. I took this picture white sitting on one couch across from the other. I ordered them on different days and I don’t know if it’s just me but i do like one better than the other…. I’d recommend not inflating the backrest too much or you’ll feel its pushing you forward. Also dont forget to inflate the back bottom. It’s a small strip if not inflated when you sit on it the opposite side will go up. We’ll update depending on how they hold up. Compared to an intex air mattress this one looks more heavy duty because the seams look like they won’t easily bust. I would definitely recommend and buy again! The price is very fitting

    I think it’s a hit or miss with this item. The second one I received already has a hole in the seam .. I honestly wouldn’t buy this again.

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  4. Kat

    My daughter wanted this and I was very hesitant about the quality. Well, I was very happy with how sturdy it is. It’s very thick and not cheap feeling. It looks very cute in my teens room and she set it up like a mini living room. Great look and comfy!

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  5. Susan Trekce

    I ordered this when my couch delivery was delayed by a few more weeks than estimated. Never mind that it’s unattractive for a home (lol), but it’s also uncomfortable (I have neck and back pain after 1 use). The material has permanent creasing and scratches that can’t be fixed with inflation, making it look used and battered. (The scratches appeared to thin the plastic, and so I worry they may give with too much pressure; but so far no issues with deflating.) The structure makes you lean forward, and so I put some padding under the front portion of the seat to get it balance. It is functional enough, and inflatable furniture isn’t exactly lux, so I gave it a 3….but if you have higher expectations for this couch, you are likely to be disappointed.

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    Milliard Aufblasbare Couch/Luftsofa
    Milliard Aufblasbare Couch/Luftsofa


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